An Overview

How to Adopt is an overview of the adoption process, as well as useful links and an adoption grant application.

The Difference in Foster Care and Adoption

Factsheet for Families explains the differences between foster care and adoption.


Learn about Adoption Options

International, Domestic, and Foster Care Adoptions and Adoption Types give information about the different types of adoption.

What is Right for You? is a resource to help you determine what type of adoption is right for you.


1. International

Getting Started With International Adoption has information on how to start the international adoption process.

U.S. Department of State: Intercountry Adoption has specific country information and statistics on international adoption

U.S. Department of State Intercountry Adoption Guide A-Z

International Adoption FAQs gives answers to frequently asked questions regarding international adoption.


2. Foster Care

Foster Care Adoption and Foster Parent Adoption have general information about foster care adoption and gives links to additional resources.

Online Guide to Foster Care Adoption introduces readers to foster care adoption and gives useful information related to the entire adoption process.


3. Infant

An Overview of Adoption has information specific to domestic adoption, including facts, articles, and a getting started guide.

Domestic Newborn Adoption is a guide to the infant adoption process, including stories, facts, and additional resources.


The Adoption Process Step-by-Step Resources

National Adoption Center’s Steps to Adoption

North American Council on Adoption Children’s 'How to Adopt'

Child Welfare Information Gateway’s How to Adopt


Find Your Child

AdoptUSKids: Meet the Children is a searchable database to locate a foster child who is eligible for adoption and in need of a permanent home based on geographic area, gender, age, race, and sibling group.

The Heart Gallery State Listing is a resource for state- or county-specific websites of children waiting in foster care for their forever family.


See for Yourself the Miracle of Adoption

Considering Adoption?

Finding Forever Families for Children in Foster Care

When Love Takes You In

The Story Behind 'Everything to Me'


Foster Care and Adoption Publications

Fostering Families Today Magazine

Adoption Today Magazine

Adoptive Families Magazine


Other Foster Care and Adoption Links

A List of Helpful Adoption Links

How to Choose an Adoption Agency

Order a free copy of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Adoption Guide

Additional Useful Links