Haiti Convening

Building a Strong Foundation

for Children and Families of Haiti

A Convening of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute

May 21, 2010



CCAI’s “Building a Strong Foundation for Children and Families of Haiti” convening on May 21, 2010 successfully brought together Haitian officials, United States’ and international experts from various child welfare and protection organizations to discuss the short and long-term needs of Haiti’s vulnerable children and to determine how they might individually and collectively support the Haitian government in the development of a child welfare system that preserves and protects a child’s right to a permanent and loving family. This convening provided a critically important opportunity to share, listen and learn about the most effective ways to serve Haiti’s children and families in the wake of the disaster as well as how to build a strong, sustainable child welfare system long term.

CCAI was especially honored by the participation of His Excellency Raymond Joseph, Minister Yves Cristalin, Madame Bernard Pierre, and Senator Mary Landrieu.

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PANEL I: The Current Situation and International Response




His Excellency Raymond Joseph, Haitian Ambassador to the United States




Gillian Huebner, Program Specialist at the USG Secretariat for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children, United States Agency for International Development




Susan Bissell, Ph.D., Chief of Child Protection, United Nations International Children’s Fund





PANEL II: Haiti’s Child Welfare System Pre- and Post- Earthquake




Yves Cristalin, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Haiti





Ambassador Adam Blackwell, Secretary for External Relations, Organization of American States





Julie Rosicky, Executive Director, International Social Service – USA [PowerPoint]






PANEL III: Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Family-Based Care




Dr. Charles Zeanah, Jr., M.D., Vice-Chair for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, Tulane University School of Medicine [PowerPoint]





Olivia Golden, Ph.D., Institute Fellow, Urban Institute [PowerPoint]





Ghazal Keshavarzian, Senior Coordinator, Better Care Network [PowerPoint]





Jean Geran, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Legatum Institute [PowerPoint]








Haiti: "Expediting" Intercountry Adoptions in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster...Preventing Future Harm

This report from the Child Rights Information Network examines intercountry adoption practices in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and reviews the vast range of responses and the exceptional measures implemented by some countries in expediting firstly, the transfer of cases (with an adoption judgment) as well as secondly, adoptions and other procedures (without a judgment).  In the context of these exceptional measures, the principal objective of this report is to identify lessons to be learned from this situation in order to prevent future harm. It is not the intention of the report to denounce a particular country, but rather to provide an objective analysis of the fast-tracking measures implemented, against the backdrop of international norms.


NCFA Releases Adoption Advocate No. 28: Examining Intercountry Adoption After the Earthquake in Haiti - October 10, 2010

With this horrible tragedy almost one year behind us, the Advocate summarizes and evaluates the United States' response to the earthquake in Haiti. Adoption Advocate No. 28 also examines reactions to the event and presents lessons learned, as well as recommendations for continued U.S. support in meeting the needs of children adopted from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake.


After the Earthquake: A Bulletin for Child Welfare Organizations Assisting Haitian Families in the United States

This bulletin from the Casey Foundation provides practical information for agencies and advocates working with this vulnerable population, with special guidance on filing federal Temporary Protective Status applications.




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