Freddie Mac Foundation
FreddieMacFoundation_logo_226x76The Freddie Mac Foundation is a part of the largest corporate giver in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  The Freddie Mac Foundation, created in 1991, is at the heart of Freddie Mac’s philanthropy.  The Foundation is committed to making home a place where vulnerable children and their families can thrive.  It invests in stable homes/stable families, foster care and adoption, and academic and career success programs.  The Foundation’s signature programs include Freddie Mac Foundation’s Wednesday Child and J.C. Nalle Community School.  Wednesday’s Child is an Emmy-nominated program with a proven track record of success.  It is part of the Foundation's national campaign to increase adoptions of foster children.  Each week, a child in foster care who is available for adoption is featured on the local evening news.  As a result of the program, more than 1,400 children have been adopted or are on their way to adoption in permanent, loving homes, giving them a chance for a brighter future, and more than 42,000 viewer inquiries have been generated from people interested in becoming foster and adoptive parents.