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CCAI is a small but mighty charitable nonprofit, and we need your support to reach our mission of every child deserving a family and every family deserving a caring community. When you share your time, talents, testimony, ties, and treasure through engaging and supporting CCAI’s mission and programs, you are reaching Capitol Hill and beyond with the message that children and youth need safe, nurturing, and permanent families, and their stories are worthy of being heard.

Join us to get engaged and invest in our cause. Volunteer, interndonate or find another point of engagement below, and become a part of our CCAI community as we work together to make a difference for vulnerable children and families.

Engage with CCAI throughout the year:

Engage in CCAI's core advocacy programs:

  • Recommend an Angels in Adoption® by submitting a community recommendation 
  • Attend the annual Angels in Adoption® Celebration 
  • Refer a candidate or apply to be a participant in the Foster Youth Internship Program®
  • Volunteer to be a Hill Day leader to lead a small group of advocates during congressional meetings on Capitol Hill

Questions on volunteering? Reach out to Lisette DuFore at [email protected].