Angels in Adoption® Program


Anna Caudill’s Story (2013 Angel in Adoption® Honoree, TN)
In 2013, she got a call from CCAI that she knew would change everything.

Anna and her husband traveled to China in 2008 to adopt their son, YoYo. They knew at the time that he had a rare birth disorder, and they were fully committed to helping him thrive in their loving home. When they went to bring YoYo back home, they also met a young man named FuXia, who Anna couldn’t stop thinking about after they left. Two years later they would go back for Fu; click here for Anna's full story.


Cristina Miranda’s Story (2016 Angel in Adoption® Honoree, CA)

“Nobody enters the field of child-welfare in search of accolades and acknowledgment. I for one entered the field because of my personal experience with Foster care, and my strong desire to make it better for others.”

Cristina’s first encounter with CCAI’s programs was in the summer of 2012, in the Foster Youth Internship Program®. Born and raised in Ventura County, CA, a place she still calls home, for some of the most pivotal years of her life, Cristina didn’t have a permanent home. Cristina was placed in foster care at the age of 14 for four years. Separated from her sisters during her teenage years; click here for Cristina's full story.

CCAI Angels in Adoption® Leadership Program & Gala

As a premier child welfare awards program, the CCAI Angels in Adoption® Program is making an impact on Capitol Hill and across the nation! 

  • Each year, 75-100+ deserving individuals, couples, families, and organizations are honored as CCAI Angels in Adoption® honorees and are invited to travel to Washington, D.C. for a leadership program on Capitol Hill. For many of the honorees, they have never dreamed of being celebrated for opening up their hearts and homes to children in need of a loving family. Honorees leave Washington, D.C. with a renewed excitement and strong connections through networking to further their adoption and foster care work.
  • Members of Congress and their staff alike are given an opportunity to engage directly with adoption advocates by recommending honorees to CCAI, celebrating their constituents, and meeting with honorees during the Angels in Adoption® Program Hill Day event. This means that annually over 100 Members of Congress are able to hear firsthand from adoptive and foster families.
  • The Angels in Adoption® Program and Gala has celebrated thousands of hometown heroes and dozens of celebrities who emphasize the importance of a loving family in the life of a child. This platform is used to generate positive media stories in both local and national press outlets. The Angels in Adoption® Program’s media attention has inspired individuals and families to consider how they can help to meet the needs of children in need of a loving family.