Hallmark Channel
HALLMARK_channelHallmark Channel is a 24-hour television network that provides high quality, family-friendly entertainment programming that is to a national audience of more that 45 million subscribers.  In addition to its domestic distribution, Hallmark Channel is syndicated in more than 110 countries and has nearly 95 million subscribers across the globe.  “Adoption” was the Hallmark Channel’s first original series, a non-scripted, reality program, capturing the experiences of birth parents, adopted children, and adoptive parents. The series documented unfolding stories of both domestic and international adoptions.  With the premiere of “Adoption,” Hallmark Channel has dedicated the network’s inaugural national corporate outreach initiative to supporting and creating grassroots programs dedicated to positively impacting awareness of adoption in the U.S.  By providing the tools that enable viewers to make a difference in their communities, Hallmark Channel hopes to dispel the myths surrounding adoption, and shed a positive light on the process. The Adoption initiative encompasses several customizable components including turnkey promotions, public service announcements, educational tools and programming elements to allow select markets to reach out and highlight relevant adoption stories in their community.  When asked about the “Adoption” series, Lana Corbi, President and CEO for Crown Media United States, Hallmark Channel’s parent company warmly remarked, “ ‘Adoption’ is perfect for Hallmark Channel because of our commitment to presenting ‘stories you keep.’ What we see in ‘Adoption’ is that it’s the love, patience and extraordinary sacrifices human beings are willing to make in order to give and share their love with a child.”
Antwone Fisher
Antwone_FisherAntwone Fisher is a New York Times bestselling author, an acclaimed screenwriter, a devoted father and husband, and a former foster child. In a most unlikely way, the story of his life in the foster care system has received national recognition. While working as a security guard on the Sony production lot, Antwone met producer Todd Black. Upon learning his story, Todd felt compelled to communicate Antwone’s experiences to audiences across the nation. The movie, The Antwone Fisher Story, details the account of a young man in the Navy who struggles with confronting his painful past, while finding hope for his future.  Born to a young, single mother, incarcerated in a prison in Ohio, Antwone’s life began in adversity. His entrance into the world was less than ideal. From the moment of his birth, he became a ward of the state. He was ultimately raised by a foster family in a home that lacked the kind of love and support for which he longed. Support during these years came from friends, and a few caring adults who had a profound impact on his life.  Today, Antwone lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Lanette, and daughter, Indigo. He is one of Hollywood’s most sought after screenwriters.  As a writer, he has given a name and face to the thousands of seemingly nameless and faceless children in the foster care system who long for a permanent, safe and loving home that every child deserves.