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CCAI provides up-to-date information on adoption and foster care related legislation introduced by Members of Congress.

CCAI Legislative Summaries

Adoption and Foster Care Legislation in the 117th Congress

Adoption and Foster Care Legislation in the 116th Congress 

Adoption and Foster Care Legislation in the 115th Congress 

Adoption and Foster Care Legislation in the 114th Congress

Adoption and Foster Care Legislation in the 113th Congress

Adoption and Foster Care Legislation in the 112th Congress


Major U.S. Child Welfare Laws

Family First Prevention Services Act (P.L. 115-123)

Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (P.L. 114-198)

International Megan's Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and other sexual crimes through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders (P.L. 114-119)

Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 (P.L. 114-22)

Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act (P.L. 113-183)

Uninterrupted Scholars Act (P.L. 112-278)

Protect Our Kids Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-275)

Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act (P.L. 112-34) 

CAPTA Reauthorization Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-320)

The Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011 (P.L. 111-242)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-148)

Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-351)

Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-432)

Child and Family Services Improvement Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-288)

Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-248)

Safe and Timely Interstate Placement of Foster Children Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-239)

Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-171)

Fair Access Foster Care Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-113)

Adoption Promotion Act of 2003 (P.L. 108-145)

Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003 (P.L. 108-36)

Promoting Safe and Stable Families Amendments of 2001 (P.L. 107-133)

Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (P.L. 107-16)

Child Abuse Prevention and Enforcement Act of 2000 (P.L. 106-177)

Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 (P.L. 106-169)

Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (P.L. 105-89)

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Amendments of 1996 (P.L. 104-235)

The Interethnic Provisions of 1996 (P.L. 104-188)

Social Security Amendments of 1994 (P.L. 103-432)

Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 (P.L. 103-382)

Family Preservation and Support Services Program Act of 1993 (P.L. 103-66)

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Adoption, and Family Services Act of 1992 (P.L. 102-295)

Child Abuse Prevention, Adoption, and Family Services Act of 1988 (P.L. 100-294)

Child Abuse Amendments of 1984 (P.L. 98-457)

Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 (P.L. 96-272)

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978 (P.L. 95-608)

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Adoption Reform Act of 1978 (P.L. 95-266)

Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act of 1974 (P.L. 93-247[P6] )

For an overview of many of these laws, see Major Federal Legislation Concerned with Child Protection, Child Welfare, and Adoption 


Major Intercountry Adoption & Child Welfare Laws

Universal Accreditation Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-276)

International Adoption Simplification Act (P.L. 111-287)

Assistance for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-95)

Child Citizenship Act of 2000 (P.L. 106-395)

Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (P.L. 106-279)