Congressional Report

Foster Youth Internship Program®

Congressional Report

CCAI’s Foster Youth Internship (FYI) Program® offers the creative and talented FYI Program interns the opportunity to use their newfound understanding of Capitol Hill and federal policy to research and write a policy report throughout the summer. The interns focus on subjects they are personally passionate about due to their experiences and understanding after living in foster care and make personal recommendations for improving the U.S. foster care system. This report is published annually and presented at both congressional and White House briefings.

The reports have become a highly sought after, expert resource for federal policymakers, and many of the recommendations have even been signed into law. The FYI Program interns are often invited to speak across the nation on the subjects they have researched and presented, given their expertise on these subjects.


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Foster Youth Internship Program® Congressional Reports

2023: Raising Our Voices: Recommendations for Policymakers to Support Well-Being for Children and Youth in Foster Care

2022: Well-Being in Action: Expanding Equitable Access to Comprehensive Supports for Foster Youth

2021: Building the Path Forward for Change in the Child Welfare System

2020: Seeing Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Creating Change for Vulnerable Children and Families

2019: Boundless Futures: Building a Youth-Focused Child Welfare System

2018: Tools for Transformation: Building a Compassionate Child Welfare System

2017: Unlocking Potential: The Strength of Our Stories as the Key to Child Welfare Reform 

2016: "Powerful Voices: Sharing Our Stories to Reform Child Welfare"

2015: "Embracing Our Past, Empowering Their Future: Why Child Welfare Reform Matters"

2014: "Shaping Tomorrow with Today's Minds: Applying Updated Solutions to an Outdated System"

2013: "Our Voice, Their Future: Fostering Hope Through Child Welfare Reform"

2012: "Hear Me Now"

2011: "The Future of Foster Care: A Revolution for Change"

2010: "Leaving Our Mark on a New Generation"

2009: "Using Yesterday to Shape Tomorrow: Uniting 500,000 Foster Youth Voices for One Mission"

2008: "Putting the 'Foster' Back Into Foster Care: Recommendations for Improving Foster Care and Adoption"