Angels in Adoption® Program


Community recommendations for the 2022 Angels in Adoption® Program will open in early 2022. Congressional recommendations will open in late spring 2022.

What is the objective of Angels? The Angels in Adoption® Program allows Members of Congress and their staff to learn first-hand about adoption and foster care efforts taking place within their state and across the country. The Angel honorees have the opportunity to travel to D.C. to meet with congressional offices and other child welfare advocates to hone their advocacy skills, share their experience and expertise, and leave feeling empowered to continue on their good work and inspire others to do so as well. The program also draws national and local media attention to raise public awareness about the positive difference adoption and fostering makes in the life of a child.

How are Angels Honorees chosen? To help identify and create a pool of the top child welfare advocates across the country for the CCAI Angels in Adoption® selection committee to consider, there are two different periods – community recommendations (first) and congressional recommendations (second). Anyone in the community may submit a community recommendation using the steps outlined below. Only congressional offices are able to submit a congressional recommendation. 

Step 1: Do you know someone dedicated to improving the life of a child through adoption or foster care? In the past, honorees have included, but are not limited to: adoptive or foster parents, adoptees, former foster youth, nonprofit organizations, family court and juvenile judges, members of the media, social workers, business people, adoption advocates, faith-based organizations, advocacy groups, and attorneys.

Step 2: Please complete our community recommendation online form (open for two months during the spring each year) to suggest a potential Angels in Adoption® Honoree. All community recommendations are reviewed by the CCAI Angels in Adoption® selection committee of child welfare experts. The committee then chooses the official Angels in Adoption® honorees for the year. There are usually 75-120 Angels selected.

Step 3: Follow CCAI on social media and join our email list to get the latest Angels in Adoption® news!

Questions? Contact us at ccai.nominations@gmail.com or (202) 544-8500.