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Early May 2018 – Recommendation Process Begins!

Beginning in May, you are invited to submit your Member's 2018 Angel in Adoption® recommendation HERE. CCAI's Angels in Adoption® selection committee will consider your Member's recommendation and notify your office in July if your recommendation was selected as an Angel. For assistance with recommendations for the 20th Anniversary Angels in Adoption® Program, contact Kate McLean at kate@ccainstitute.org.

July 10 - Deadline for 2018 Angel Recommendation!

The official deadline is July 10th to submit your Angel recommendation, since our experience has been that the Angels in Adoption® need almost two months to learn of their selection and make appropriate travel arrangements to Washington, DC. Considering work commitments and the expense of short notice airfare, this deadline will allow as many Angels as possible to fully experience the honor of being selected by attending the events in DC. Thank you in advance for keeping this in mind as you complete the process of notifying us.

September 17 – RSVP for Your Member of Congress and Staff

CCAI understands the busy, unpredictable schedules a Member of Congress and their staff have to maintain. We ask that Member's of Congress and office staff RSVP to events by September 17th so that we can best accommodate your Member and staff.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, click here.​